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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Magic at the Susukino Festival

The first weekend of August saw the Susukino festival. The Susukino festival consists of lots of food stalls that sell Japanese festival food and alcohol in the streets. The hostess clubs and other places like that put up tables in the streets (that are closed for traffic from 16:30 to midnight or so). This year, Magic Bar Twister also had a yakitori place at the Susukino festival.


Me in my playing card yukata
I helped out after work, and showed up in a yukata with playing card designs the first day. Doing magic in a yukata is not that great, but what is even worse is when you have only one hour to remove all the heavy stuff (tables, beer kegs, etc.) and all the dirty stuff (the oil drenched barbecue equipment) from the street and put it somewhere else. From day two, I worked in a t-shirt instead.


The yakitori place of Magic Bar Twister
We had a lot of fun, but not so many customers. The clean up after each day was very very tiring. My boss even screamed out in pain so badly when doing some of the heavy lifting that random people passing by stopped to ask us if everything was OK.

A lot of heavy lifting

A religious thingy passing through the festival area.

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