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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trying to find really tiny panites

Inspired by the brilliant performance by Ursula Martinez, and by a commercial for a cheap magic prop I saw in a toy store in France, I have come up with a funny idea for a magic trick. For that trick, it would be great to have a pair of panties to make disappear. They would however need to be very small.

Ursula Martinezの素晴らしいパフォーマンスに感動して、フランスでテンヨーみたいなメーカーのCMで見た演技も考えて、新しいマジックのアイデアが思い浮かべた。そのマジックにちいっちゃなパンティを消したい。かなり小さくないと無理だけど。

I have been all over town looking for panties that fold down to very small pieces of cloth that my magician friends have told me about, but they are no longer sold. At least not in Sapporo. I instead bought a pair of panties in a "normal" (actually kind of weird) shop for underwear. I picked a pair that seemed to have very little cloth, but they are still too big for my magic trick. Mainly the stretchy part that goes around your hips is too thick.


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