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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kids in a bar

Last week children kept coming to our magic bar. On Friday a guest brought his daughter and his nephew at an early hour. The nephew was around 11 years old I guess, and he does magic himself. He did some quite impressive card stuff. He even did a trick that I used to do sometimes in our magic bar (Paul Harris's "Wizard's twist"), so I taught him two other variations on that trick.

先週子供がうちのマジックバーに来た。金曜日に前に来たことがあるお客さんが自分の娘と甥っ子を連れてきた。甥っ子が小学生で自分でもマジックをやっている。上手だった。結構レベル高いカードマジックを披露してくれた。僕がたまにマジックバーでやっていたネタ(Paul Harrisのウィザードツイスト)も綺麗にやってくれた。それの他のオチを2つ教えてあげた。

On Saturday, another man came with his son, also about 11 years old I would guess. This kid also does magic and has come to our bar before. This time he was practicing the Chinese rings.

It has been a while since I did magic for children, so it was quite fun. They seemed to be very nice kids.



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