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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Magic Bar Review: Vernon's Bar ・ バーノンズバー

Me and ムッシュピエール
On our Osaka magic bar trip, we also visited "Vernon's Bar". I looked forward to seeing Messieur Pierre live, since I like his TV performances.


The interior of the place was fairly small, but very nice looking. It had an old atmosphere, and there were pictures of Dai Vernon (very famous magician). We first sat at the counter, waiting for the current magic show to finish. Then we were moved to a table where we would be shown magic by several magicians. We got to see four performances. We saw Sammy Hioki, Randy Atsushi, and Messieur Pierre himself. We also got to see a woman who's name I do not remember. She was a student in a magic class that they give at Vernon's bar, and as a final graduation thing the students perform for regular customers. We were asked if it would be OK for her to show us magic and we were very happy to have the chance to see one more magician.


After the magic performances were over, we moved to the counter and spoke to Messieur Pierre for a long time. He was very nice and very funny. He seemed to like talking, and talked a lot. He told us about trips to Hokkaido (were we came from), hardships of being on TV a lot, random stories unrelated to magic, and much much more. He also snuck into the background of pictures when we were taking photos with other magicians and did other funny things like that.


The magicians, in the order we saw them:


Sami Hioki did some rope magic, used Rocky the Raccoon in a card trick, did an interesting 4 ace production by building an airplane out of cards, did some floating effects, and ended with a mental effect (cards with numbers on the back).


A student graduating from Vernon's Bar's magic class by performing for us. Her name was possibly Yoko, but I did not catch the name properly at the introduction.
Next up was the student from Vernon's Bar's magic class. I do not properly remember her name, but it may have been Yoko. She did a trick with a 5000 yen bill and a 1000 yen bill changing places inside an envelope I was holding, and a pretty packet trick with rain clouds and sunny weather.


Me and Randi Atsushi
Then we got to see Randi Atsushi, who seemed to be a big fan of Akira Fujii. He did some coin tricks, some card tricks, and the linking cigarettes, all more or less the way Fujii-san does them. He is the person to do the linking cigarettes the best of all the times I have seen it so far. Even better than when Fujii-san did it in front of me.


Last we got to see Messieur Pierre. He turned out to speak English very well (which is not common in Japan). He keeps claiming he is French (part of his character) but his French is not so good (on purpose, probably). Messieur Pierre was the technically most proficient magician we saw in Osaka, I think. He was very good. He was also quite funny (I like his character and performance style), and he did a lot of magic that I have not seen other magicians do.


We got to see magic with silk handkerchiefs, a coin box where coins kept melting through the bottom etc. and finally the coin melted into water(!), his more famous card tricks (ambitious card, card to necktie, the kings riding bicycles on the joker cards etc.), the cards kept ending up inside a card box even though he had taken them out and put away the box, and finally for some reason his necktie disappeared from around his neck and ended up under a handkerchief on the table (I did not notice when he removed the necktie and was quite surprised, haha).


Location: Conveniently located near (in?) the Umeda shopping and entertainment area.
Type of magic: Close up
Quality of magic: Very high
Cost: 6000 yen
Interior: Very nice old western style interior
Staff: Very nice
Overall impression: A nice place, with good magicians doing interesting magic. The best magician I saw in Osaka was probably Messieur Pierre.


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