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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visiting magicians, and gifts!

A present I received!
This weekend several magicians visited our magic bar. On Friday guy who does mentalism who I have met a few times before showed up at a very late hour. At more or less that same time, a guy who does mostly card magic (I think, but come to think of it I have never seen him perform magic) also showed up.


I did some mental magic that I have been practicing recently, and we had a nice mentalism chat until 6 in the morning or so... I also showed the mentalist a billet switch I have been practicing but never actually used for anything and he was impressed enough to give me a special deck of cards as a present! The cards were quite impressive, actually. I performed that magic trick three times during the weekend.


On Saturday, Spencer Tricks, a magician from Kushiro (eastern Hokkaido) showed up. He is every nice and speaks English very fluently (which is not so common in Japan). He wanted to see me hammer a nail into my nose, so I did my trick which contains that sort of stuff. He showed me a trick he invented where he can guess in which hand you are hiding a wine cork (which recently is sold in one of the bigger magic shops in Japan).

土曜日に釧路からのマジシャンのSpencer Tricksさんも来た。英語がうまいんだ。前に何回か会っている。今回、釘を鼻に入れるマジックを観たいと言われたからそれを使ったマジックも披露した。彼が逆に彼が自分で考えたネタ(最近日本のマジックショップで売っている)を見せてくれた。お客さんがどの手でワインのコルクを持っているかを当てるマジックで不思議だった。

On Monday, which was a holiday here in Japan, another magician from Kushiro also showed up.


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