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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Food and magic ・ 食べ物とマジック

Recently, there has been a lot of food in relation to me doing magic. On Sunday, I went to an "all you can eat" sweets buffet restaurant with two of the students in our lab. One of them asked me to show some magic to his girlfriend, who was also with us. Since doing magic during our limited 80 minutes of gluttony would be a waste of our precious time, I did some magic later in the Odori park, where we also found a group of other cute girls that my French student knew.


Two days later, I was invited to a barbecue party with more or less unlimited food. There there were two other magicians present too, so we all had to do magic tricks in turn, in front of the other 6 guests. The food was good, and the magic was fun.


Yesterday in our magic bar, a magician who is back in Sapporo from Tokyo had brought "hato sabure" omiyage. Since my name, "Jonas", means "dove" originally, and "hato" is "dove" in Japanese, this is a good combination. In our magic bar, there were two groups of people who had come to see me, three friends and a group of five people who I have met because they study English together with my old boss at the university.


Since I almost always wear a t-shirt with animals eating the same type of animal (a chicken eating eggs, cows eating beef, etc.), and since my friends know my name means dove, they thought it was hysterically funny that I was eating hato sabure while wearing a pigs eating fried pork t-shirt. "Cannibalism!", they said.


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