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Monday, June 25, 2012

Magic show for kids at MACS

A few minutes before the show started, about half the kids had already sat down in front of my table.
Last year I did a 30 minute magic show at the English conversation school MACS, followed by about 30 minutes of teaching the kids two simple card tricks. I was asked to repeat it this year too, so I had to come up with 30 minutes of new material (which was a bit difficult). I have new material since last year, but most of my work is close up magic not suitable for showing to around 30 kids at once. And most of my material is aimed at people coming to our magic bar, which means some of it is not appropriate for kids...


There was even a sign on the toilet with information about my show.
Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy it too. The only thing is that after the show, lots of kids (and some parents!) come up and start grabbing all my stuff. Some things can break easily, and are expensive to buy, so even if you did not care about giving the secrets of magic away, that would also be a huge concern. This time, one foldable box was kind of broken by one of the parents, despite having been put into one of my bags... I could fix it later with no problems, but still... Some of the secrets of the tricks were discovered by some kids since there were too many of them, and only one of me trying to stop them from grabbing at everything.


Since the show took place at an English conversation school, they had some English expressions related to magic on the notice board.
This is something that some of my other magician friends also have happen to them. No one seems to know why people find it OK to grab a magician's tools, while the same people would probably not pick up a guitar after a concert and start fiddling with it. I am still not sure exactly how to deal with this when it comes to some performance situations. When putting things on a table, people often grab at them (when standing behind the bar counter, I no longer have problems). When the audience is too close to my table at parlor magic, sometimes they come up and start touching stuff afterwards (when on a stage very separate from the audience area, this is never a problem). Maybe I can start putting up "Do not enter!" plastic tape around a small area around my performance area?


The kids also got popcorn at the event, so there was some cleaning of the floors necessary afterwards. They used a very old Swedish vacuum cleaner.
Anyway, I don't minds so much with kids, as long as they do not break anything (and that rarely happens). From grownups, I would expect more common sense, though. And to be fair, most grownups manage to restrain themselves and do not touch my stuff without asking.


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