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Friday, June 8, 2012

Karakurid dooru ・ からくりどーる

Today I was called up by a friend when I was about to go to sleep (up early for a meeting at work, stayed until 23:30 at the university, need to get up early tomorrow too and work until morning (and on Saturday)). There was some stuff related to an event during the weekend that he wanted me to take care of today.


By chance, I also ran into the famous magician Karakuri dooru in our magic bar. He had apparently done a show for some company party at the Sheraton Hotel, and he and his lovely assistants were in our magic bar as an after party. They were all very nice customers.


In the end, I ended up doing a short magic show for them too. Since I had not planned to show any magic to anyone, I ended up doing magic with random props. One trick I ended up doing with the practice version of my prop (the nice version being left at home), so it did not go as well as it usually does. The card magic went fine though. The 105 yen cards from Daiso are great, haha.


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