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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magic and other strange things at the Sapporo festival

Thursday to Friday we had the "Hokkaido Shrine Festival" and the "Sapporo Festival" here in Sapporo. At these, you can get lots of interesting food, and you can see some performances of different kinds. I enjoyed a performance with a monkey doing tricks.


Woman standing on a box
There was also a tent that said it sported a mysterious show. It included a woman eating a live snake, and another woman doing a magic trick. A woman with huge boobs floated in the air.

Woman floating in the air

Woman biting into a live snake
The woman who ate parts of a snake also threw something into the audience after she was finished. It looked like she threw the leftovers from the snake, but was in fact a rubber toy snake. Very nice reaction from the people standing next to me that got hit by the "snake".

Woman eating parts of a snake that was no longer alive

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