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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magic show at restaurant Chavda

On Sunday, I did a magic show together with a friend at the restaurant Chavda. The current boss of the restaurant is the woman who introduced me to this friend three years ago, so when she asked if we could do some magic at their one year anniversary of the restaurant we said yes. Even though we were scheduled to fly to Tokyo on Monday morning and would really have preferred to have Sunday off.


There were other performances too. One of the waitresses who is an aspiring singer sang a song (and did so very very well), a group of stand up comedians from a nearby stand up comedy bar did a short comedy performance (though at least half their talking time they spoke about where there bar is and their opening hours, that they have now opened a second bar, etc., haha), and there was a group of people paying African music on various types of drums (these people were excellent, and got the biggest audience reactions).


Stand up comedy
Me and my friend did two 15 minutes shows in front of everyone, and also walked around during those times when there were no performances going on and did close up magic. We had a lot of fun, and got good reactions from the guests. For our parlor magic performances, we also did a small illusion, making one of the waiters disappear. Originally, we were planning to do an illusion with the boss of the place, but one day she just said: "Ah, no. This guy will take my place instead".


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