Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cocktail bar Harada ・ カクテルバー原田

Yesterday I went to a place called Cocktail Bar Harada with a friend. We had heard that the son of the owner does magic there. The bar turned out to be very nice. The interior design was very pretty, the selection of drinks was extraordinary, and the staff were very nice and fun to talk to. Harada Sr. used to work in the bar in Grand Hotel before, he told us. Harada Jr. has lived in Canada and travelled to many countries (and speaks excellent English).


We sat down at the counter and ordered apple-mango-juice and ginger ale. Having two people come to a bar and order only soft drinks is probably not that common, so we were asked what we were doing there. We said we had heard that one could see magic there... "OK, let's do some magic!"


Harada Jr. showed us quite a lot of magic. He performed close up magic at the counter for us for about 30 minutes. There was a bar bet with coins and a cocktail glass, a ring and chain thing, burning flash paper, rubber band magic, a huge contact lens coming out of his eye, and lots of card tricks. He was very good. He does Lennart Green's topshop very beautifully. It was also the first time I saw anyone in Japan use Tamariz's (probably Tamariz's, since I do not use it I am not 100% sure it was that one) stack. His version of the three card monte was also very clean.

若いほうの原田さんが色々なマジックを見せてくれた。カウンターで30分くらいクローズアップマジックした。コインとカクテルグラスのバーベット・チェーンとリング・輪ゴム・フラッシュペーパー・デカいコンタクトレンズ・沢山のカードマジック、色々あった。上手だった。Lennart Greenのトップショットが凄くきれいだった。Tamarizのシステム(僕が使っていないから、そこまで自信ないんだが多分Tamarizのだった)を使っている日本人も初めてみた。スリーカードモンテの見せ方も良かった。

After the magic we stayed around and the Haradas talked to us (the other customers left during the magic) and we ended up staying almost until midnight. The conversation was entertaining and we talked about Sweden, living abroad (Canada), and "mysterious things". The younger Harada said he has always liked mysteries, so we talked about crop circles, UFOs, Nessie, huge bones from giant humans, etc.


Two weeks from now they will do a close up magic show in the bar which I would love to go to. It is cheap too. Unfortunately, I will be in Europe at the time so I cannot go. The flier they had was pretty funny in that "Close up magic show" was written as "Close masic show"too.


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