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Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic show in Capo ・ キャポでマジックショー

The stage
Last year I went with some stand-up comedy performers to Otaru, our neighboring city, and did a magic show for kids there. The organizer of that event was impressed enough to ask me to do a show this year too, so on Saturday I did two magic shows in the Capo shopping mall in Sapporo.

I went there with a friend, since doing a 30 minute show for kids is very tiring if you are alone. At least for young kids, I have to keep being in a very excited state the whole time or they lose focus. Me and my friend did two 30 minute stage magic shows, and since there were two of us it was not that tiring. He was planning to show up in a suit, but forgot the shirt and jacket so he looked quite funny in his suit trousers and a very worn t-shirt.


People waiting for the first show.
For the first show there were about 30 people when we started, and some more joined in during the show. Many kids. Some of the stuff we thought was hysterically funny ourselves did not seem to be understood by the kids, or at least not thought to be funny. Most things were fine, though.


People waiting for the second show.
For the second show, we threw out half of the material (things no one laughed at etc.) and put in lots of other things instead. Going out to the stage the second time, there were slightly more people but almost no kids... So all our funny gags that we removed would probably have worked with this audience... Oh well, people were happy enough with the stuff we did, haha.


Me friend in his suit trousers and non-suit jacket.
The magic show was apparently more of a big thing than I had thought, and we saw a poster with a picture of me in the elevator etc. An acquaintance of mine showed up in the audience, and had apparently just come to do shopping with his wife but seen the promo material for our show and swung by to watch. Sadly, the weather was great on Saturday, so most families with kids were playing outside, not coming to the mall.


A poster in the elevator from the parking garage.
We did lots of magic, but things that went over really well with both audiences included: a jumbo size home made Macomical deck that I made with cute animal characters instead of playing cards; using a "Dream bag" to try to produce a dove but only producing lots of boxes of flowers instead (and my friend finally produced a dove from his mouth); the disappearing bottle gag/magic trick; producing cards from your mouth; producing lots of Pikachu-shaped sponges.


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