Monday, November 14, 2011

Tenyo 2012, the third eye ・ テンヨー2012年、ザ・ザードアイ

Yet another update on the Tenyo 2012 item "The third eye". I have been using this a lot in our magic bar lately, and it is great. Sadly, people often drop the eye when you hand it to them to put between their eyes (or when they hand it to someone else). This has led my third eye to be very glitchy. I though it was broken first, but it started working again later.


Anyway, apart from it having to be handed out to drunk people and the risk of them dropping it (breaking your expensive toy), it is highly recommended. It does not work that well with only one or two spectators, but the larger the group the greater the impact. You explain that anyone with this eye between their eyes can see where the selected card is, and when the first person to use the eye slightly suprisedly says "Yes, I can see it!" the other people get curious. They still cannot see anything out of the ordinary. You have one more person try it, and go "Ah, I see it!". People get even more excited, since they still cannot see anything. This keeps building, so the more people the better!


I think I will go and buy myself one more of these wonderful toys, since the first one seems quite unreliable by now.


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