Monday, November 7, 2011

Magic dinner show with Toto ・ 都々さんのマジックディナーショー

Yesterday magician Toto from Toto's bar in Ginza (Tokyo) came to Sapporo and did a dinner show at APA Hotel. He is doing a tour of various APA hotels all over Japan. Toto is a great entertainer and he also appears regularly at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

昨日銀座にある都々’s Barからのマジシャン都々が札幌のAPAホテルでマジックのディナーショーをした。色々なAPAホテルのツアーをしているみたい。都々さんが凄く面白いエンターテイナーだ。アメリカのMagic Castleという店でもレギュラーとして毎年出ています。

I have seen Toto twice in his bar in Ginza, and it is was great both times. His dinner show here in Sapporo was also very entertaining.


First there was about an hour of free drinks and buffe style food. The food was pretty good. Then they rolled out all the tables and put in lots of chairs instead. Toto then did about an hour of magic. There were things like scarves flying through the air over the heads of the audience and then back to the stage,  an escape number when a tied up Toto ended up in someone else's dinner jacket, Toto's excellent bill switch (bills of money keep changing into different bills and the number of bills change in mysterious ways), doves appeared and disappeared, a table floated around, and much more.


Toto does magic very well, but more than that he is very good at presenting magic in an entertaining way. His use of music etc. is also very good.


Me and Toto

After the magic show there was also a lottery where you could win strange things like 24 bottles of APA hotel water, software for Nintendo DS (less useful if like me you do not have a DS), or a pack of 40 eggs. One of my friends got a large bag of coffee.


Two of Toto's assistants, the magician Yamato and Toto's brother.

When the event finished, me and some magicians and regulars from our magic bar went to a bar to continue drinking. After a while we got a call from Toto that his group that were eating sashimi somewhere wanted to meet up with our group and we ended up drinking with them in a third place. Toto is also very nice and interesting to talk to when he is not performing.


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