Monday, November 7, 2011

An unexpected request

A magic fan with a flattened die (flattened by me and my incredible strength :-)
This weekend we had lots of people in our magic bar both Friday and Saturday. On Saturday an older man handed me an unopened package with a magic prop after my magic performance for him and his wife. He asked me to show him how a pro would use this. He had bought it in a magic shop here in Sapporo earlier that same day. He is friends with the owner (as am I).


I had never seen this thing before, and I would not describe myself as a pro, but why not take a look? Once opened, it turned out to be similar to a "coin purse becomes a tiny coin purse" that I have been playing around with lately. The actual prop is a die that you can squish into a flat die. I did an improvised performance using this prop and he seemed very impressed. I found it funny enough that I am now thinking of buying myself one of those too :-)


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