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Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic birthday

Yesterday there was a birthday dinner for all the people in our magic bar (staff, regulars, etc.) that had their birthday in October or November. We had lots of nice food, a cake, and presents!


Five magicians (and at least two more that do magic from time to time) celebrating birthdays.
I got an umbrella that looks like a katana (samurai sword), and 103 decks of cards of the design I like best! Apparently my friends have scoured the whole city, calling every Daiso shop in Sapporo (and other cities like Obihiro) and reserved every deck of this type available. I also got a (long) list of all the Daiso they had checked. A great present, but a little heavy to lug home.


A samurai sword style umbrella.

103 decks of cards for me!

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