Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Sapporo magician ・ もう1人の札幌のマジシャン

Yesterday I stopped by the bar "Hou" in Sapporo with a magician friend, since we first met there and they had a Halloween party (that was pretty much over by the time we got there, but still). The staff told us that there was another magician working in Hou doing magic that night, so we asked to see him. He did some card magic tricks (two aces change into two queens when held by the spectator, a signed card goes to the pocket over and over again) and a coin trick (Chinese coins threaded on a string mysteriously unlink from the string).


We also asked him where he was from (Shiroishi, the same place my friend is from, they even went to the same junior high school), how long he has been doing magic (12 years), where he works (the bar Gundam in Sapporo among other places; and he used to work at the bar "12ji" in Tokyo, which my friend and I have visited twice). We also asked him what tricks he does with rubber bands, since he had a lot of them stuck to his props. He showed some rubber band magic too, and then performed one more card trick (oil-and-water, in the spectator's hands, a very clean version).


He told me his name, but since the party surrounding us was very very noisy I am not entirely sure what he said. I figured my friend would remember but apparently he did not, so I am still unsure what the magician's name was. [Update: his name is (probably) Myousai] Anyway, he was pretty good. Though from my seat you could see when he did the pass, when he palmed cards, and sometimes coins flashing. I was very impressed by the oil-and-water trick, though.

名前も言われたが周りがうるさくて、よく聞き取れなかった。友達が日本人なので、後で聞いてみようと思ったが友達が覚えていないみたい。だから、何という人だったがよく分からない。[名前は(多分)「妙才」だと言われた] 結構上手だった。僕の席からパス・パームが見えたけど。たまにコインのフラッシュもあった。最後のオイル・アンド・ウォーターが感動したけど。

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