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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie doing magic ・ ゾンビの格好でマジック

Me in slightly out of the ordinary clothes.

On Sunday October 30, we had the Sapporo Zombie Walk here in Sapporo. I participated and dressed up as a zombie. After that, I was invited to a Halloween party at a friends house, and of course went there in my zombie outfit. I had some time to kill, so on the way to the party I also stopped by the Magic Shop Mebius here in Sapporo. It is a magic shop and I know the owner. He was very surprised by my looks, and had me posing with lots of weird props for 10 minutes or so.

Shopping for new props.

日曜日(10月30日)に札幌で札幌ゾンビ・ウォーク というイベントがあった。僕もゾンビの格好して、参加した。その後、友達の家であったハロウィーンパーティーにも誘われた。勿論、ゾンビのまんまで行った。ちょっと時間があったので、途中にマジックショップメビウスにも入った。マジックショップで、僕とオーナーさんが仲良い。オーナーが僕の姿を見て、かなりびっくりした。10分くらい色々な道具とポーズとったりして、写真撮られた。

I only knew one person at the party, though I had met one more once at a fireworks festival. The other 10 or so participants were all new to me, but they had apparently heard a lot of stories about me from my friend. Among other things, they knew I was a magician, so they asked me to show them something.


I tried using cards, but with my fingers covered in paint and fake blood, this was quite difficult. I did two of my usual card tricks from the magic bar that do not require that much in difficult moves (since cards were sticking to me at times, and refusing to move when I tried to move them at other times, that too was a bit of a challenge :-) that go over well. I also did a few rubber band tricks, and a coin and pen routine that I like. Sticking the pen behind my ear that is usually so easy turned out to almost fail catastrophically since my ears/hair/face were caked in hardened syrup/fake blood/paint.


All in all, everyone seemed happy with my performance, and they said it was the first time they ever saw a zombie do magic. It was fun and interesting for me to, trying to adopt to the circumstances of almost not being able to use your hands. Or anything else. Next time, I should do the "Zombie ball" trick, I guess.


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