Friday, October 7, 2011

Almost meeting a Canadian magician

Yesterday at around midnight, one of my magic bar colleagues suddenly called me and asked where I was. I said I was drinking with my colleagues, why? He said that a famous Canadian magician was coming to the magic bar in half an hour or so, so maybe I should also come.

It was about time to leave the bar we were drinking at anyway, so I said sure. It turned out to be raining almost unbelieable amounts outside, so I had run very quickly home but still goat completely soaked. I changed into dry clothes, found an umbrella and headed off to the magic bar. When I got there, it turned out that "since it was raining almost unbelieably hard", the Canadian magician and his party had given up on going to the magic bar... So I almost, but not quite, met a famous Canadian. I wonder who it was? No one seemed to have been told his name. The number of pro-magicians from abroad that come to Sapporo cannot be high, I think.



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