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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Magician Toto in Sapporo ・ マジシャン都々が札幌に来る

On November 6, magician Toto will do a stage magic show here in Sapporo. I have seen him perform in his magic bar in Ginza (creatively named Toto's bar :-), twice, and he is highly entertaining. One of the most entertaining magicians I have seen. He is also a regular performer at the Magic Castle (famous place in L.A.), that I would like to visit some day.

11月6日に都々というマジシャンが札幌に来て、マジックショーをやるんだ。都々さんの銀座にあるマジックバー(都々’s Bar)で2回観たことがある。最高に面白い。僕が行きたい、アメリカにある有名なところの「Magic Castle」でもレギュラーとして出ているし。

I bought a ticket for Toto's Sapporo show today. It was expensive (at least by Sapporo standards, you could visit our magic bar 4 times for the same price), but it includes food and drinks too. Since I expect the show to be great, just the show would probably also be worth the ticket price to me.


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