Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magic Auction again ・2回目のマジック道具のオークション

While I was busy with things related to my Osaka trip, the magic club at the university had an auction selling off the rest of the stuff left over from the first auction. I wanted some stuff but could not attend... But I had stuck notes to some things before saying things like "Jonas will pay 1000 yen for this", so yesterday our accountant came up to me and said I owed her 6800 yen. After paying, she gave me a bag of stuff from the auction! As usual, the students have no money so no one had outbid me on anything that I had tagged. There was one thing I wanted that I had forgotten to tag though, so someone else got it cheaply I believe.


My cut from the auction
I ended up going home with a Svengali style deck that becomes completely white, a handkerchief looking like a 10000 yen bill, a rose on a reel, an English penny triple shell kind of thing, a few sponge eggs, 10 jumbo cards with half naked women, and a "milk becomes a die" illusion thingy. Who decided that "milk becomes a die" was a good idea? Why on earth would it become a die, instead of say icecream, a stuffed cow, or tomato juice? I mean, what does dice and milk have to do with each other? Maybe I am missing some Japanese word play thing, or cultural thing? Who knows...


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