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Born in Stockholm (Sweden), now live in Sapporo (Japan). Hold a Ph.D. in computer science and work with computers during the days, perform magic in a bar during the nights (and weekends, for kids). Also used to teach historical fencing back in Sweden.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A chance meeting ・ 偶然の出会い

Today I was shopping for a paper box (which I have been looking for everywhere for two weeks and still not found anyone who sells...) but passed by the magic goods corner of Tokyu Hands and decided to see if they had something new. They did, but not really anything that looked interesting. While there, a magician from Kushiro (I think it was, some place on Hokkaido) also came by and said hello to me. He has come to our magic bar once when I was working, and he remembered me. I remembered him very well, because unlike most Japanese people I meet, he speaks English very well.


We chatted for awhile, among other things we had a long and interesting discussion on rubber band magic, which we both do quite a lot of. He also showed me a magic trick he has created himself with a big diamond, which I did not see coming at all. He was kind enough to give me one extra large rubber band, that may come in handy.


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