Friday, October 7, 2011

Funny Magic Clips: Barry and Stuart

I love the British duo of magicians Barry and Stuart. They have a DVD (TV special?) called "Tricks from the Bible" that is very funny. They also have a YouTube channel.

イギリスのマジシャン組「Barry and Stuart」が好きだ。「Tricks from the Bible」というDVDかテレビスペシャルが超面白い。YouTubeのチャンネルもある。

From the YouTube channel, I can recommend for instance the trick with one guy being the inner voice of the other, while he is interacting with a woman from the audience:

I also like the "let's go into a store with a hidden camera and do something forbidden" setup of doing weird magic tricks.

I also liked many of their tricks on the BBC TV show "The Magicians", for example the trick with the transportation boxes.
彼らがBBCテレビの「The Magicians」という番組をレギュラーとして出て、色々な面白いことしたし。ここの瞬間移動の箱のマジックも好きだ:

Though my favorites (appearing "snake" magic, balancing a spoon on your nose, etc.) do not seem to be available online.

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