Monday, October 10, 2011

Funny Magic Clips: Helt Magiskt episode 2

In the second episode of the Swedish TV show "Helt Magiskt" there were many performances that I liked. I liked all of Charlie Caper and Claes Malmberg's tricks. They did a very nice street magic performance with time going backwards: a glass was filled with soda from a can that was the crushed, another glass fell and broke, a paper was unfolded; the paper folded itself back up again, the glass restored and jumped up on the table, the other glass emptied itself of soda, the soda can restored itself and filled with soda again. Napkins that were used and put down came floating back up etc. Very nice combination of these tricks in an interesting story.

スウェーデンのテレビの「Helt Magiskt」という番組の2回目の番組に面白いマジックいっぱいあった。Charlie CaperさんとClaes Malmbergさんのパフォーマンスが全部好きだった。ストリートマジックでタイムマシーンのテーマのマジックが凄く良いストーリだった:缶からソーダをグラスに入れて、別のグラスを落として(割れちゃった)、ティッシュでちょっと拭いた。折りたたんだ紙を広げて、タイムマシーンだって。時間を戻す。紙が自動で折りたたんだ。割れたグラスが治って下からテーブルの上に飛んで来た。グラスからソーダが自動になくなった。つぶされた缶が復活してソーダが又入っていた。使っていたティッシュとかも、浮いてきた。色々な知っているマジックを使っていいストーリにしたんだね。

They also did an effect where they had a spectator hold her ring inside a handkerchief and tried to distract here with a chop cup routine (walnut and cup). The walnut kept going where it should not be able to go, an egg appeared, a chicken appeared, inside the egg the walnut reappered and inside the walnut was the spectators ring that had disappeared sometime.


Their final performance was also very nice. They baked a cake by making ingredients appear by magic (salt from a hand, a bottle of syrup from the mouth, a raisin (my favorite, haha!), an egg) and putting them in a hat. When setting the hat on fire, a cake appeared and the sticky stuff was gone.


Very nice story telling with magic. Also impressive that the non-magician did so much sleight of hand (and did it quite well).


Joe Labero and Hannah Graf impressed me by passing through a "hypnotized" woman. This looked very nice. The last team also had a fun trick with a balloon.

Joe Laberoさん(マジシャン)とHannah Grafさんの女の人の体を通るイリュージョンも良かった。最後のチームも風船を使って面白いマジックした。

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