Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magic Auction ・マジック道具のオークション

4 big bags of stuff up for auction!
Since Friday last week, the university magic club has returned to evening sessions. During the summer the meetings are in the afternoon, when I have to work, so I cannot attend. Fridays are impossible for me even when the meetings are in the evening, but today I went to the club for the first time in months. And today there was an auction of old magic stuff!


Since the others are all students, they apparently have no money at all. This meant that most things went for really really low prices. I bought lots of interesting stuff! So much so that it was a bit difficult to lug everything home. And still there were lots of things I wanted to buy but we ran out of time so the auction will continue "next time". Which seems to be a Friday, sadly. Maybe I can still go? I hope so.


Today's shopping result
Today I bought: a compressible silk hat (which I already own, but it was super cheap), a vanishing beer bottle, a really weird looking color-changing-necktie (that nobody wanted so I said I would buy it for 100 yen (about 1 dollar), and which was apparently 8300 yen originally), some form of mental trick with for jumbo sized kings, some jumbo card trick with Japanese words, a sponge ball that felt weird to the touch, a huge handkerchief or small table cloth that you can "make a plate vanish" with, a dove book, a yellow box where you put in a dove and then disassemble the whole box and the dove is gone, a purse with a tiny purse to go with it (and with tiny 500 yen coins that are super cute). And all of this for only 10550 yen (105 dollars)! If you buy them new, just the purse set and the silk hat would cost that much.

My favorite buy today: a purse and a tiny purse set, with tiny 500 yen coins inside!

Apart from the things I bought, I also wanted some gimmick coins, jumbo cards with naked women, sponge eggs, and some other stuff.


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