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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tenyo 2012, The third eye ・ テンヨー2012年、ザ・サードアイ

This weekend I tried using the Tenyo "The third eye" props in the magic bar. Someone selects (while looking at the faces) a card from a set of five (with things like "love", "money", "fame", written on them) and no one except this person knows what card is selected. The card is returned, the cards are shuffled a little, and I place the cards on a stand.


There is also a plastic eye, that when turned on blinks with a red light. I explain that this is a "magicians eye", and anyone putting this eye on their forehead can see what a magician would see. So anyone doing that can see which card is the selected card, only by watching the backs of the cards. Of course, no one else can see that, though anyone can see it if the receive the eye (and then the person who originally had the eye will no longer see it).


People found this fairly fascinating, and it works well as a fun way to kill some time. It is not a very exciting magic trick and no one is surprised by finding one selected card among five, though everyone is amazed at the properties of the magician's eye.


So my impression after using it two nights (though I did not use it with very many of our customers) is that is is a quite fun prop to use, and people like it. There is very little "wow"-factor but it is a nice piece. Possibly there are more interesting presentations you can use it for too.


The properties of this (the physics behind it) are quite fascinating to me as a magician too.


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